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Digital innovation has been at the center of our strategy to democratize the runway. The TMY.GRL bot on Messenger introduces a new level of accessibility, engagement and personalization for our global audience.
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- Tommy Hilfiger Fashion designer & founder of Tommy Hilfiger
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We're automating resolutions to the mundane tasks that led to a significant volume of calls to our social care team and call centers. We've seen an immediate, measurable impact across the key measures that are critical to our business, including an over 500% increase in engagement and deflecting over 50% of the work that used to be managed by our social care team.
- Alfredo Tan Chief Digital officer of Westjet
Global enterprises partner with Netomi to resolve everyday support tickets
automatically, enhance agent productivity and delight their customers.

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Baggage fees? Is my flight on time? Meet Juliet, the WestJet AI that helps you along your entire journey.
Don’t stand between the coffee lovers and their coffee. Leverage the AI agent to automate support.
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