Tackling the Sprawling SaaS Landscape with a Robust CX Strategy

Written by Amy Wallace on Nov 14, 2022

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In today’s digital-first world, and an era of remote and hybrid workplaces, the number of SaaS solutions used by companies on a daily basis is overwhelming – in 2021, organizations worldwide were using an average of 110 SaaS apps! The “SaaS sprawl” created by the widespread adoption of SaaS solutions – from personal productivity tools to business applications – is real. There are a number of issues that arise from too many tools with similar functionality – for one, this can lead to fragmentation among teams and be detrimental to employee productivity.

AI can help SaaS companies take a more targeted approach to connect with customers in the moments that matter the most, and help customers receive targeted and instantaneous support, for a stellar CX.

How AI helps SaaS companies connect with customers in the moments that matter most

Drive engagement and foster long-term loyalty

Of all the SaaS applications and services that exist today, many of them are underused by employees and teams.

How can we then ensure that SaaS applications are being used at their full potential and that customers are finding the most value in them? Take, for instance, Janice, who uses one app for a very specific purpose, and one that only makes up a small fraction of her workday. If she was offered clear and instant information on product updates, tips, and best practices related to the app, might she be more engaged? Perhaps she would discover that the app has additional features, and grow to favor this app over others, perhaps it could even serve as a replacement for other apps. This is where a omnichannel conversational AI platform steps in, as it can proactively reach out to the customer at the exact moment of relevance to drive engagement and long-term loyalty. AI can assist with pre-sales education – driving engagement by encouraging customers to request a demo or sign up for a free trial.

Support, in a snap

Additionally, AI-powered chatbots allow support teams to seamlessly handle volumes of customer issues, providing immediate resolutions with little to no human intervention, so password resets or issues with logging in are solved in a snap. Janice may also be a customer who frequently reaches out to customer support teams with common technical questions. Can we anticipate her next question or ones that she is likely to have with new products or services? With AI looking one step ahead, we can.

A targeted approach that covers all the bases

By leveraging AI for CX, SaaS companies can easily direct customers to the features and functions that are helpful to them. Based on usage analytics as well as knowledge gleaned from previous interactions, AI can access relevant customer data from back-end systems to arm an agent with unique insights to unlock upsell or cross-sell opportunities. For instance, an AI-powered virtual assistant may proactively offer a customer deals, discounts, or other suggestions, such as upgrading to a premium account, and even go as far as to make that switch for the customer. A personalized approach, for personalized resolutions.

Ensuring great CX in a sprawling SaaS landscape

For companies around the world, SaaS applications have become a pervasive and essential component of the working landscape. By leveraging AI for CX, SaaS providers can offer excellent support to their customers, making it easier for them to navigate a complex sprawling landscape of SaaS applications and reap the full benefits of these digital solutions.

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