A Change in My Tide: My Internship at Netomi

Netomi Internship

A chance encounter…or fate? 

On the bustling streets of San Francisco, I overheard the sound of home. As an international student studying in the U.S., I was surprised and thrilled to hear my first language Turkish in front of a coffee shop. Within seconds, I struck up a conversation with someone who would soon open the door for a turning point in my career (albeit, as a college student my professional life was relatively young).

My coffee run on that day led me to meet a fellow Turkey native, Netomi’s VP of Marketing Can Ozdoruk. Following a few interviews with the leadership team, I became the company’s first-ever marketing intern! Although COVID-19 led many companies to suspend their internship programs, Netomi allowed me to gain hands-on experience at a fast-growing AI startup, even if all of my meetings occurred over Zoom.  

At the time I joined, Netomi was in hyper-growth mode regardless of the COVID-19-induced market uncertainty. The ballooning client base and employee count was incredibly promising and exciting.  

Even though I wasn’t able to be present in an office setting, the leadership team made me feel welcome on the first day. I was able to meet, virtually, with the executive bench. The more I learned about the company, the more invested I got in our team and product. Netomi was on a mission to transform customer service with AI. Like every customer, I was intimately familiar with all of the delays and frustration that occurred when I had to reach out to a company with a question or issue. My team had a groundbreaking solution. 

Just like the company’s platform, this wasn’t an ordinary internship. I was an integral part of the small, but mighty, marketing team. I wasn’t doing mindless busy work, I was contributing in a meaningful way. The marketing team respected my input and appreciated my contributions.

During my three months at Netomi, I spearheaded two research reports, led the social media, and tackled data-driven marketing initiatives. As an intern, it was motivating to help with projects that have a tangible impact on the company’s bottom line and brand reputation. Our Customer Service Benchmark Reports, for example, were featured in key media outlets, including Forbes. Similarly, we saw all-time spikes in Netomi’s website traffic as our social media posts gained traction. This is what I loved about marketing –  the results were directly visible to me, and the rest of the company! 

From day one, my marketing colleagues put faith in me and trusted me to manage high-stake projects. Whenever I was interested in exploring different tasks, they created opportunities for me. Most importantly, they were understanding when I got stuck. During a global pandemic, it was reassuring to see the empathy that is embedded in the team’s DNA.

As Netomi’s first-ever marketing intern, I had the privilege of interacting with a world-class leadership team, working autonomously, and learning from continuous feedback. In our quarterly all-hands meeting, our CEO Puneet Mehta said that the company’s true differentiator is not the product but the people. This summer, I experienced this first hand. I also learned many valuable skills and witnessed the exponential growth of a Silicon Valley startup. 

While I previously thought my professional trajectory was with larger, established corporations, the feeling of being part of a fast-growing company and seeing my work make a real impact motivates me to work for a start-up. After all, wearing many hats and getting pulled in a million directions is exciting. You never know that the day is going to bring. 

I am so grateful for the connections that I have built and the growth that I experienced over my 3 months at Netomi.

Can Ozdoruk - AI customer service blogger

Can Ozdoruk

VP of Marketing

Can has been in SaaS Marketing since getting his MBA from USC. He worked in enterprises, i.e., Nvidia as well as startups like PerimeterX. He advises early-stage startups and publishes frequently. His insights on customer service and the benefits AI can provide the industry have been featured in publications like Retail Next, CustomerThink, G2, and Clutch.

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