CX that Fits Like a Glove? Top 6 Takeaways from Netomi’s eCommerce Customer Service Benchmark Report

Written by Can Ozdoruk on Dec 6, 2022

It’s no surprise that eCommerce is booming worldwide, and the pandemic has only fueled its surge. How are eCommerce brands performing from a customer service standpoint? Are they delivering the speedy resolutions that consumers have grown to desire and expect?  

As eCommerce and CX go hand in hand, Netomi’s research team set out to investigate. This time around, we opted to narrow our scope of focus. Prioritizing depth over breadth, we zeroed in on the top 10 B2C (business-to-consumer) eCommerce companies. This list includes retail giants such as Costco, eBay, and Wayfair. We looked at the availability of support channels, such as email and phone, along with response times.  

Here, we share our top findings from Retail is Attention to CX Detail: eCommerce Customer Service Benchmark Report.  

CX + eCommerce + AI = A Powerful Trio

As we saw in this current research, some eCommerce brands opt to dedicate more human-power to their CX strategies. In contrast, others have better intelligent technology CX solutions that are well-equipped to handle large volumes of customer queries. This, in turn, may help to boost their performance on one channel, such as phone. Their support may fall short on other channels, such as web chat. To connect with customers wherever they are, a robust omnichannel support strategy that spans channels is key because this is where the modern customer is.  

To align with these preferences and expectations, CX strategies need to shift and evolve in the new relationship economy. We are in an era where customers crave authentic connections with brands. How can brands connect with customers in the moments that matter, authentically?  

For eCommerce brands, AI can pave the way for these connections to occur with conversational experiences that are contextual and intent-driven. This includes offering proactive product recommendations and providing updates on order status and tracking. 

With AI for customer service, eCommerce companies can help their customers seamlessly move from click to cart to check out – for a superior CX that fits like a glove. 

View all of the findings from our eCommerce deep-dive in the full report – Retail is Attention to CX Detail: eCommerce Customer Service Benchmark Report!