has a new, exciting name: Netomi

Written by Puneet Mehta on Aug 21, 2019

We’ve grown. We’ve evolved. We’re ready for a new brand identity. We’re now Netomi

Our Mission, Time and Love 

The two best gifts you can give someone are time and love. That’s what we want to enable every company on the planet.  

We’re giving time back to consumers that they previously spent waiting for a resolution. We’re giving time back to employees, eliminating repetitive and monotonous tasks. Now, these employees can spend their time on much higher value work. From this time, it grows brand love from both customers and employees, unlike anything we have ever seen before. 

Welcome to the relationship economy 

Thankfully, the world looks a lot different than it did when we started four years ago. We now live in a relationship economy. Customer experience is now at least as important as product quality and price in determining where people spend their money and assign their loyalty. Customer service has now become a major point of differentiation for companies of all sizes. 

Today’s customers expect more: outcomes, not just ownership; personalization, not generalization; constant improvement, not the status quo. The battleground for superiority in business is no longer earned from ruthless category dominance, but rather customer experience that relishes in effortlessness and ease. 

While our AI has always been leveraged to facilitate instantaneous and personal customer interaction at scale, we’ve now graduated to helping companies ensure that customer support is a business driver.  Named a Gartner 2019 Cool Vendor in CRM Customer Service and Support, our secure AI customer service platform is used by companies to automatically resolve over 50% of their incoming customer service tickets instantaneously on email, chat and messaging apps. 

In one example, we’ve helped our customer WestJet, embrace these new expectations by resolving more than 50% of all inquiries on chat instantaneously, which has driven a 24% increase in consumer satisfaction. These incredible results and more were recently recognized in a case study by Facebook. With such an impact, AI has become the biggest workforce multiplier since the invention of the computer.  

Our deep learning neural network ensures a company’s AI is continuously improving, and our rich conversation engine has hundreds of thousands of hours of real-world training and experience to ensure a greater understanding of context and delight. Providing a world-class customer experience, that significantly boosts customer satisfaction, is core to what we do and something we take a lot of pride in. 

Our new identity                                                                                                

Netomi, a combination of three words (Net, Om and I), is truly representative of why we exist. We empower businesses to leverage the “Net” (sum) of our AI and their human capital for connecting with what is fundamental to them (“Om, the primordial sound”) to bring out their best self (“I”) for their customers. 

We’ve picked the caret as our main mark to showcase how we are a business and workforce exponent. [^n = raised to the power n]. Whatever our customers are doing best, we raise it to power. 

We’re ushering in a new era of customer interaction that is magical and effortlessly easy. We’re creating a world where work is delightful and meaningful. We couldn’t be more excited about this future that’s already happening. While stepping into the next stage of growth, we have a lot of people to thank for the amazing ride so far – our customers, investors, advisors, platform partners and, of course, everyone at Team Netomi. 

Come join us on this exhilarating journey. This rocket ship taking off in 3…2…1!