New eBook: Transforming Customer Support with AI

Written by Can Ozdoruk on Jan 30, 2019

The promise of bots made many companies jump in early with lofty AI predictions. AI customer service solutions opened the door for a new type of connection with consumers:

  • 1-on-1 direct conversations
  • On-demand 24/7
  • At scale

This gold-rush led to a plethora of purposeless bots that held little value, could not help consumers accomplish a task or enable them to engage in conversations naturally, as would be expected on the messaging channels in which they were deployed. As a result, Forrester predicts that backlash will start to emerge against these purposeless bots.

Companies can’t afford, however, to not deploy AI within their customer service channels. Consumer expectations for immediate, personal support are increasing; it’s becoming a key differentiator, akin to cost and quality.  Without the help of AI, it’s difficult, and very expensive, to meet consumer expectations through an omnichannel experience.

How can companies protect themselves against negative consumer predisposition and effectively leverage AI to transform customer service?

  • AI as a workforce multiplier: Companies need to use AI in tandem with human agents. Delegate the issues that AI can handle with high accuracy while leaving human agents to focus on more sensitive, complex issues from the start.
  • Solve real business issues: Don’t deploy a bot for the sake of having a bot. Identify the specific support issues that can be automated by AI predictions, like repeatable, low business risk, minimal exception management. Then enable your AI to learn from the droves of historic data that exist.

In our most recent eBook, we explain how AI can be the catalyst to accelerate a digital support organization to a customer relationship powerhouse. You’ll learn:

  • How to scale customer and agent happiness with AI
  • The real benefits of adopting AI to transform digital customer support
  • How customers perceive the customer support they receive today
  • What to keep in mind when adopting AI to make a measurable impact on CSAT and ESAT
  • How to train an AI to ensure a business sees an immediate impact and increased ROI

To read our eBook on how companies can launch a bot that enhances the customer experience featuring Forrester research as well as a recipe for launching a successful customer service AI, visit here.

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