The 12 Best Help Desk and Service Desk Software Platforms In 2023 [Features, Pricing, and More]

Written by Dylan Max  on   Jun 29, 2022
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The support tech stack has undergone a significant shift since the early 2000s. The backbone of a support organization today is having one of the best help desk software solutions. In today’s business environment, help desk software is a powerful platform that streamlines the entire support process. 

In this post, we’re going to dive deep into these solutions. We’ll explore why companies of all sizes need a help desk, what to look for in a help desk platform, how much it costs, which options on the market today rank among the best help desk softwares, and much more, including:

What is a help desk?

A help desk (or service desk) is case management software that helps companies receive, assign, resolve and analyze customer service tickets or queries from internal audiences (IT or HR). As a kind of mission control system, help desk software pulls in conversations from various communication channels, including: incident management, ticket management, customer interaction, live chat, email, social platforms, voice, etc. into a single platform.

Help desk software has a wide range of tools for agents to quickly and accurately access profile data, capture context, analyze sentiment, and provide shortcuts and templates to help customer service reps reply easily.

Help desk platforms often combine customer self service tools like Knowledge Bases as well as AI and human agents working together in real-time to provide efficient support.

Why should companies use a help desk?

Help desk solutions and ticketing systems are instrumental in providing top-notch support and can directly impact customer satisfaction. Help desk software also helps to maintain agent happiness by empowering them with everything they need at their fingertips and even automating many processes.

Automating processes through smart service desk tools will leave your customer service agents free to handle more complex issues.

Companies of all sizes can benefit from a help desk system: whether offering support to external customers or internal audiences (i.e. IT or HR support). There are platforms designed for small teams (less than 20 agents), average size teams (~50 agents), and large enterprise and distributed teams (10,000+ agents).

While the benefits of leveraging help desk software are vast, we’ve rounded up the 7 core benefits in 2023.

Top 7 Benefits of Help Desks

  1. Improved customer satisfaction

Customers today demand quick, effortless resolutions to their issues and hate having to repeat themselves. The best help desk softwares streamline the support journey, providing the ability for agents to easily review previous interactions, access customer profile data to personalize the interaction and close help desk tickets faster. 

2. A single source of truth

Help desks provide one centralized record of cross-channel support tickets which can be tracked, reviewed and analyzed at any time. This also opens the door for advanced analytics on the issues customers are facing. Help desks can also flag emerging issues that the company can get in front of.

3. Automation

Help desk software has a lot of AI at work behind the scenes. Service desk chatbot tools act as the first line of defense interacting with customers to automatically resolve highly repeatable tickets. They can recommend responses to agents or even coach agents in real-time. The most advanced help desk platforms use a combination of human and machine intelligence.

4. Improved agent experience

Attrition for customer support agents is one of the highest (with turnover rates between 30-40%), which leads to significant hiring, training and onboarding costs. Tools like help desk AI platforms make an agent’s job easier. Automation tools that eliminate the mundane work and make jobs more fulfilling.

5. Intelligent routing

Help desk platforms can route tickets to specific agents based on availability, expertise or seniority. Routing can also be based on profile attributes. This provides a better end-user experience by reducing the passing off of a customer from one agent to another. 

6. Heightened scalability

When you’re up and running on a modern help desk platform, you can easily scale to new channels and manage spikes in tickets during times of hyper-growth. Help desk platforms eliminate teams sharing a single inbox which can lead to delays, duplicate agent work and reduced productivity.

7. Sophisticated analytics

Modern help desk platforms have rich data and reporting so you can track response time, average handle time, first response rate and other key customer service KPIs.

Do small businesses need to use a help desk?

Every company that prioritizes their customer experience should consider a help desk, even small businesses. Even for small teams with 5 agents or less, there are tons of benefits in leveraging the best help desk software for your organization’s size and needs.

Size should be one of your primary considerations when selecting help desk software for your organization, as enterprise help desk software is going to have a much different experience compared to software designed for a smaller business.

Regardless of the size of your company, customer service is important to attract and build customer relationships. Consider these customer service statistics:

  • 95% of consumers cite customer service as important in their choice of and loyalty to a brand
  • Customers expect to receive service through any channel and on any device, with 59% of respondents having used multiple channels to get questions answered
  • 66% of US online adults said that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide them with good online customer experience

Arming your agents with the tools to drive efficiency can ensure no duplicate work is done, tickets are prioritized and addressed in the most pressing order, and customer satisfaction is not compromised.

Several options on our help desk software list are designed with smaller businesses in mind.

How much does help desk software cost?

You can find both free and paid subscriptions for most help desk software. Features and the number of agents in the free models are typically limited. Once you’re in a paid model, more agent seats are allotted and advanced tools and functionality are available. There are often plans aimed at small businesses to enterprise users.

Zendesk, for instance, starts at $49 per month per agent and goes up to $215 per month per agent with the most functionality (published costs at the time of publication).

There is a growing number of options on the help desk software list – from both established players like Salesforce and Zendesk to newer Zendesk alternatives like Gladly. A quick look on GetApp, an online review platform for software, shows over 70 companies in the category. Read on for our top 12 help desk software list for this year.

The 12 best help desk platforms


RankHelp DeskRating (Out of 5 Stars)
2.Salesforce Service Cloud5
7.InvGate Service Desk4.5
9.PeopleSoft Enterprise Helpdesk4.4
11.Hubspot Service Hub4.3

  1. Best help desk software for omnichannel: Zendesk

    What makes Zendesk one of the best help desks of 2023?

    Zendesk is perhaps the most robust and flexible service desk platform. It’s used by over 160,000 companies including large enterprises like Expedia, Tesco and Vodafone. While it works on any channel (email, chat, voice, and even social messaging apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat and more), all the interactions and relevant context are kept in a single, dynamic dashboard. Integrating a top-performing Zendesk chatbot can make your help desk even more powerful.

    The platform is completely customizable and is designed to help companies quickly close tickets. The company reports that it increases customer satisfaction by 25% and agent productivity by 30% at any scale.

    Real Testimonials: What customers have to say about Zendesk’s help desk

    “Zеndеsk hеlрs yоu іmрrоvе yоur соmmunісatіоns еvеrywhеrе and еvеry mоmеnt.”

    Key features

    • Sophisticated ticketing system and automated routing
    • Omnichannel experience and support – including real-time chat and email
    • Advanced reporting & analytics
    • Knowledge Base
    • Automation and service desk chatbot options
    • Ticket collaboration
    • SLA Management
    • Alerts / Escalation


      What makes Salesforce Service Cloud one of the best help desks of 2023?

      Salesforce is the leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform used by businesses to manage customer data, connect across a variety of channels and streamline customer support. The company’s Service Cloud automates service processes, streamlines workflows, and surfaces key articles to elevate agent productivity.

      The platform boasts many of the same service desk tools as the other help desk platforms on this list, but also has thousands of apps and integrations in the Salesforce AppExchange that extend the power of Salesforce. Whether you’re looking for customized surveys, AI-powered Salesforce chatbots, agent routing and productivity.

      Key features

      • Ticketing and automatic routing
      • Reporting and analytics dashboard
      • SLA management and routing
      • Knowledge base management
      • CRM
      • Automation
      • Omnichannel: voice, email, live chat, social media

    • Best help desk for hyper-personalization: Gladly

      What makes Gladly one of the best help desks of 2023?

      Gladly talks about its “radically personal service.” The help desk is designed to provide the ultimate customer experience that “treats customers like people, not tickets.” The platform provides this personalized customer service by enabling a single lifelong customer conversation across all channels. The customer’s context is carried forward, regardless of the channel on which they reach out. This customer-centric mindset  turns customer service teams into revenue-generating machines by providing agents with tools that can increase contact center generated revenue by up to 10%.

      Although the platform is used by companies across industries, Gladly has a ton of experience with retailers like Crate & Barrel, Ugg, Warby Parker, Ulta Beauty and Ralph Lauren.

      Drew Chamberlain, Director of Customer Experience for JOANN recounts that “’In less than a month we’d cut our email backlog by 93% and our email response times by 70%—it’s all thanks to how simple and efficient Gladly is to use.”

      Key features

      • Customer profiles with saved preferences, purchase history, attributes and relationships
      • Conversation timeline
      • Intelligent routing
      • Native knowledge base
      • Contextual engagement
      • Intelligent routing and seamless escalation
      • Task management and collaboration tools
      • Payments
      • Omnichannel – native voice, email, text, chat, and more tools

      Hear how support teams benefit from smart automation in this webinar featuring Mike McCarron from Gladly.

    • Best help desk software for small businesses: Freshdesk

      Freshdesk - one of the best help desk software options for 2023

      What makes Freshdesk one of the best help desks of 2023?

      Freshdesk converts requests coming in via email, web, phone, chat, and social into tickets, and unifies ticket resolution across channels. Additionally, Freshdesk lets you automate workflows, provide self-service, manage SLAs, and measure metrics, so you can stay on top of all things customer support. Highly repeatable questions can be replied to in a single keystroke with templated responses. Integrating a Freshdesk chatbot into the help desk might allow you to unlock 80% or higher automation rates.

      While the company has over 150,000 customers of all sizes, it is the gold standard for help desk offerings aimed at smaller businesses, according to PC Magazine.

      Key features

      • Ticket creation
      • Automation
      • SLA Management
      • Multilingual
      • Reporting and analytics
      • Omnichannel

      Get 5 strategies for successful customer service automation in this webinar featuring Rajiv Ramanan from Freshworks.

    • Best help desk software for the value: Zoho

      Zoho - one of the best help desk software options for 2023

      What makes Zoho one of the best help desks of 2023?

      “In its own words, Zoho Desk is a “straightforward help desk for a great price.”

      The Zoho cloud-based platform has an incredible list of features like automatic localization and automated ticket routing, and supports many of the top channels. The best part?  It’s very competitive in pricing with a free tier and paid plans starting at $12/agent for a month.

      To provide additional value to agents, many companies like Megabus deploy a Zoho chatbot.

      Key features

      • Omnichannel, including email, social, chat and telephony
      • Sentiment analysis
      • Auto-tagging of tickets
      • Knowledge base management
      • Ticket assignment and routing
      • Immediate escalations and alerts
      • SLA management
      • Multi-brand help center

    • Best help desk software for teams that use Google Workspaces: Hiver

      Hiver - one of the best help desk software options for 2023

      What makes Hiver one of the best help desks of 2023?

      As the world’s first Gmail-based helpdesk, Hiver is the best fit for all types of business verticals, as it is extremely easy to adapt. With Hiver, support agents are able to collaborate and act on support queries, automate workflows, and track support metrics – all within Gmail. This means that it is not necessary for support reps to switch tabs while working on a customer query – ensuring timely resolution and an excellent customer experience.

      Key features

      • Works within Gmail
      • Quick, seamless internal collaboration through Email notes (without using CCs and forwards)
      • Automation of specific workflows and repetitive tasks
      • Advanced analytics to track key support metrics such as first response time and average resolution time

    • Best helpdesk software for Enterprise Service Management (ESM): InvGate Service Desk

      InvGate - one of the best help desk software options for 2023

      What makes InvGate Service Desk one of the best help desks of 2023?

      Enterprise Service Management is the extension of IT Service Management (ITSM) principles and capabilities to other areas of an organization, such as Human Resources, facilities, finance, legal, sales and marketing. InvGate Service Desk is a help desk software commonly used by IT and other areas of large and medium organizations, with a clear ticket management interface, smart workflows, and knowledge base capabilities. It can also be integrated with InvGate’s Asset Management software to expand the capabilities of this software’s service desk tools.

      Key features

      • Ticket Management
      • Knowledge Base
      • Workflows and automation
      • Self-service portal
      • SLAs
      • Ticket collaboration
      • IT Asset Management integrations

    • Best help desk software for social media support: Sprinklr

      Sprinklr - one of the best help desk software options for 2023

      What makes Sprinklr one of the best help desks of 2023?

      Social media has emerged as a core support channel in recent years. The Sprinklr platform is a robust social media experience platform, Unified CXM, that spans marketing, ads, engagement and care. Sprinklr scales across 35+ digital channels.

      With consumers increasingly turning to platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and others for support, a big part of today’s social media management is customer service. Sprinklr’s Modern Care product is a unified agent desk that includes features like guided workflows, 360-degree customer profiling and CSAT prediction. The company’s AI identifies customer intent and sentiment; automatically creates support cases; and routes them to the right agent with the right information.

      If you have a big presence on social media and need a unified place to listen, triage, engage and analyze social conversations, Sprinklr is the perfect choice on our help desk software list. Brands that use Sprinklr include hospitality brands Choice Hotels and AAA – many of which pair this platform with a travel chatbot. Cisco is also a known brand using their solutions, giving further credibility for this platform as one of the best help desk software options for enterprise teams.

      Key features

      • Social Analytics
      • Social Engagement
      • Sentiment Analysis
      • Ticketing
      • Influencer Identification
      • CSAT Prediction
      • AI Routing
      • Conversational AI
      • Quality Alerts

    • Best help desk software for internal HR support: PeopleSoft Enterprise Helpdesk

      PeopleSoft Enterprise - one of the best help desk software options for 2023

      What makes PeopleSoft one of the best help desks of 2023?

      Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise HelpDesk leverages real-time enterprise data to provide faster, more accurate internal support, maximize employee productivity, monitor service performance, and control service costs. The platform allows agents to view a 360-degree view of the employee to provide the most accurate solution.

      Tickets are routed to the agent with the best knowledge of a subject. This product also offers productivity tools like quick codes that populate the category, specialty type, and details fields of a ticket. This is easily one of the best enterprise help desk software solutions on our list because it can scale quickly and provide support to a large group of agents.

      Key features

      • Skills-based routing
      • Central repository of diagnostic tools
      • Shortcut data entry
      • Self-service tools

    • Best help desk software for internal IT support (ITSM): ServiceNow
    • ServiceNow - one of the best help desk software options for 2023

      What makes ServiceNow one of the best help desks of 2023?

      ServiceNow is a platform-as-a-service provider of IT service applications. The company provides a range of pre-built ITSM products to automate and manage numerous IT enterprise services. Using this single software, you can automate processes and create custom applications to meet all your IT service needs. This makes ServiceNow the best software for help desks in the IT field in our top help desk software list.

      Key features

      • Drag & Drop
      • Compliance management
      • Data visualization
      • Workflow management
      • Alerts / escalations
      • Data mapping and visualization
      • Configurable Workflows

    • Best help desk software that is free: HubSpot’s Service Hub

      HubSpot Service Hub - one of the best help desk software options for 2023

      What makes Hubspot Service Hub one of the best help desks of 2023?

      If you use the Hubspot CRM, the Service Hub is a great solution. While it does offer paid plans, the free plan has unlimited users and significantly more features than other free plans. With the Service Hub, customer service data and channels are brought together into a single platform. HubSpot’s Service Hub is one of the more expensive options on our top help desk software list, but it is worth the price.

      Key features include

      • Comprehensive Ticketing
      • Live chat
      • Conversations inbox to offer transparency for the entire team
      • Detailed reports on closed tickets, agent productivity, and time-to-close
      • Email templates
      • Integrations with Gmail, Outlook, Facebook Messenger, and other programs, including mobile apps
      • Snippets or reusable answers to most commonly asked questions

    • Best practical help desk: Happyfox

      Happyfox - one of the best help desk software options for 2023

      What makes Happyfox one of the best help desks of 2023?

      Easy to use and “practical,” HappyFox provides multi-channel support for customer requests coming from email, web, phone and social media. Although it lacks some integration capabilities in comparison to the other help desk software platforms, HappyFox integrates with business applications for accounting, customer feedback, CRM and commerce.

      Key features

      • Ticket creation and automated routing
      • Alerts and escalation
      • Knowledge base management
      • Automation
      • Ticket collaboration
      • SLA management
      • Multilingual

    Service Desk Chatbot Integration with AI: A must-have feature for any help desk platform

    Getting set up on a help desk platform is essential for any modern day support team. Integrating with an AI-powered service desk chatbot can extend the power of the platforms, and help to further improve the customer experience, boost agent productivity and reduce costs.

    Netomi, for instance, has out-of-the-box integrations with Zendesk, Freshdesk, Gladly, Salesforce, Zoho and Sprinklr, amongst others. Netomi brings its powerful AI chatbots natively into the agent experience. With these integrations, Netomi’s AI service desk chatbot works alongside human agents seamlessly and can benefit a customer service team in many ways:

    • Automatically resolving mundane, repetitive tickets enabling human agents to focus on higher-level tasks
    • Triaging tickets by gathering information from customers and back-end systems before escalating to human agents
    • Drafting responses for an agent to quickly approve, edit or reject
    • Scaling support across every digital channel –  email, chat, messaging, social, as well as SMS customer service – without increasing headcount
    • Service desk chatbot tools can provide 24/7/365 coverage
    • Reducing customer service costs by optimizing human agent resources
    • Increasing customer satisfaction by reducing resolution time

    Customer service becomes a competitive differentiator

    When support teams have the right technology and service desk chatbot behind them, agents are able to work better and faster, and meet the demands of today’s modern consumer. Increasingly, companies are competing on customer service, as much as price and product.

    Without top-of-the-line help desk software, and layering powerful customer service tools like AI service desk chatbot tools to elevate the experience, it’s hard for support teams to measure up to the experience of customer-centric organizations that prioritize the customer experience and invest in the proper tools.

    Want to learn more about how AI and the best service desk chatbot can transform customer service operations? Watch our featured on-demand webinar featuring Zendesk.

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