WestJet Takes the Flying Experience Up a Notch with AI

Written by Emily Peck on Aug 27, 2018

AI is the interface to meet (and exceed) consumer expectations for innovative, convenient and personal support. With the new WestJet online chat support system, Canadian travelers will be able to experience that innovation, convenience, and personalization all in one place.

In the most sophisticated example of an airline AI and the first from a Canadian airline, travelers can now engage with Juliet, WestJet’s new travel chatbot AI on Facebook Messenger. Juliet acts as a single touchpoint for the traveler across pre-booking, booking, day of travel and support, offering a highly immersive and meaningful experience that alleviates many pain-points of traveling today.

Developed in partnership with Netomi, a chatbot vendor, the highly immersive WestJet chat support experience includes:

  • Day-of travel support: Guests access real-time information on flight status, baggage, and a variety of frequently asked questions.
  • Information and resolution: Guests receive instantaneous information and quick resolution on many topics, ranging from in-flight entertainment to traveling with pets. Chatbot tools can elevate specific guest scenarios, for example, missed flights or rebooking, to WestJet agents.
  • Virtual travel concierge: Guests receive destination recommendations based on their personality, interests and vacation style and explore trip options through video content, images, and articles, as well as start the booking process.
  • Flight booking: Guests search available flights by city and dates.
  • Current deals and promotions: Guests receive real-time WestJet deals and promotions.

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“Customers expect to be able to engage in an instant, personalized conversations with brands and AI enables companies to exceed these expectations,” said Puneet Mehta, Founder and CEO, Netomi. “With Juliet, WestJet is delivering its guests immediate, friendly and accurate support. WestJet had a lofty goal of bringing the guest journey to a conversational AI experience. What may have seemed futuristic even a year ago, is now a reality.”

To chat with Juliet, please visit https://www.messenger.com/t/westjet. To learn about how Netomi’s chatbot platform can help your company scale customer happiness with AI, request a demo today.

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