Now Live: Netomi’s Visual Response Builder and other exciting enhancements

Written by Mani Makkar on Mar 18, 2021

We’re handing over the keys. Brilliant customer journeys await and now you’re in the driver’s seat. 

Now live on Netomi’s AI Studio, our Visual Response Builder is a highly-intuitive new feature that allows customer service teams to create user workflows in a simple drag-and-drop interface. There’s no coding required. This follows the ability to create simple responses with buttons, quick replies or Web cards, or triggering a human handoff. 

Within the Visual Response Builder, customer service teams can easily configure responses, ask a question, use conditional branching to unlock unique flows based on a customer’s response, and easily escalate chats to a live agent. 

Other features include the ability to:  

  • Personalized customer service based on customer data or gather information from your customers and store it in your CRM
  • Detect, act on and store your business or industry-specific jargon 
  • Send custom tags back to Zendesk which helps easily classify tickets
With Netomi’s Workflow Builder, you simply drag and drop UX elements to create an engaging user journey.

That’s not all. We’ve also rolled out a few other very exciting new features: 


Netomi Conversational API

Integrate the power of Netomi’s AI into any third-party or bespoke agent desk and scale across channels with the Netomi Conversational API.  It’s never been easier to launch Netomi’s sophisticated platform on the platforms you’re already using and on every channel your customer reaches out. To learn more about how we integrate with your current systems, reach out to  

Human + AI Whatsapp support with our Sprinklr Integration

Offer support on WhatsApp? Let a Netomi AI chatbot act as the first line of defense to gather preliminary information or fully resolve everyday tickets. With our new out-of-the-box Sprinklr integration, you can hand conversations off between bots and live agents. Meet your customers where they are and never compromise the CX.

Interested in seeing a demo of these features and the entire Netomi AI platform? Get in touch today.