Freshworks customers now have access to Netomi’s powerful AI platform

Written by Shail Gupta on Jan 6, 2020

With the new Netomi Virtual Agent app for Freshdesk, companies can quickly bring AI into their customer experience workforce and provide brilliant customer support 

We’ve launched the Netomi Virtual Agent app for Freshdesk

Our new app integrates seamlessly into Freshdesk enabling Freshworks customers to boost agent productivity and delight customers with immediate resolutions to their issues. When companies use the Netomi Virtual Agent app, human agents work alongside a powerful AI within their existing customer service platform and transform customer support into a business driver. 

The Netomi Virtual Agent can resolve over 50% of a company’s customer service tickets automatically, within seconds, meeting customers’ quick-rising demands for immediate, convenient support. Human agents are freed up to focus exclusively on more complex customer issues. The Netomi Virtual Agent can also be used in “Review Mode,” enabling human agents to review, edit or approve AI-recommended responses, supercharging agent efficiency. 

“Customer service is more important today than it has ever been as it now dictates where people spend their money and assign their loyalty. Customer service is no longer simply a resolution center, but a competitive differentiator. In today’s on-demand society, the expectation is that everything is effortless, convenient and quick, and this is very true with customer support. People demand help on their terms, 24/7, anytime and anywhere,” according to Netomi’s fearless leader Puneet Mehta. “Higher customer expectations combined with an increase in the volume of tickets has left many companies struggling to deliver the customer service that people expect. With our Netomi Virtual Agent app, Freshworks customers will see customer happiness soar with faster resolutions, as well as happier and more fulfilled agents.”  

With the Netomi Virtual Agent for Freshdesk, companies can: 

  • Delegate specific use cases to the Virtual Agent to resolve tickets immediately without any human intervention 
  • Leverage AI-powered recommended replies to help agents work faster  
  • Train from historic email, chat and messaging data or select from our pre-trained AI conversational and industry-specific skills
  • Integrate with core business systems including Order Management Systems, CRM platforms and inventory management systems for meaningful, personalized resolutions 
  • Access real-time analytics and reporting within the Netomi AI Studio dashboard 

The Netomi Virtual Agent dramatically reduces response times on email and chat, boosts agent productivity and provides a brilliant customer experience.  To get started, visit the Netomi app page in the Freshworks App Marketplace here.

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