WestJet’s AI-Powered Digital Travel Assistant, Juliet, Now Answering Questions on Google Assistant

Written by Shail Gupta on Nov 26, 2019

Building on WestJet’s success with AI-powered customer support on Facebook Messenger, the Canadian airline now delivers convenient and easy customer support to the 1 billion users of the world’s most popular voice assistant.

Millions of people use Google Assistant every day for listening to music, making grocery lists, and sending messages. As of today, WestJet passengers can take care of their basic travel needs by speaking to their Google Assistant using Juliet, WestJet’s Netomi-powered Digital Travel Assistant.

Juliet is already available as a text-based virtual digital travel assistant on Facebook Messenger. But WestJet wanted to go further in meeting its customers where they spend their time. Customers today demand convenient, effortless support across a variety of channels. Increasingly, this means simply speaking out loud to helpful home assistants like Google Assistant. 

With Juliet on Google Assistant, guests have a new hands and screen-free way to get answers to questions about flight status, travel documentation and baggage allowances.  

“Travel can be stressful and with the addition of Juliet as a voice-activated assistant, guests now have an even faster, easier and hands-free option available to receive real-time information to some of WestJet’s most frequently asked questions,” said Alfredo C. Tan, WestJet’s Chief Digital Officer.

Here are a few examples of what guests can ask Juliet with Google Assistant: 

“Hey Google, ask WestJet the flight status for WS123 today”

“Hey Google, ask WestJet about traveling with my dog”

“Hey Google, ask WestJet what identification I need to travel”

“WestJet has an incredible dedication to providing seamless customer experiences. We’re so thrilled to partner with the airline to enable travelers to get the answers they need, literally without lifting a finger.,” said Puneet Mehta, Netomi’s Founder and CEO. “Whether a guest is scrambling to pack last minute and are curious about how many bags they can bring, or are running around frantically looking for a Passport they are not sure they actually need to board their plane, customers can now get the information they need without interrupting their life or even picking up their phone. They can simply speak.”  

Customers can access customer service on their Google Home, Mini, or any products using Google Voice.

The Launch Follows Juliet’s Success on Facebook Messenger 

WestJet initially launched Juliet on Facebook Messenger where it is now the first line of defense in 100% of all interactions. Today, Juliet handles more than 74% of all inquiries on Messenger without any human intervention. Juliet responds to customers in less than 1 second. As a result, WestJet has seen an increase of 24% in consumer satisfaction according to surveys provided immediately after support interactions.

Read a full case study published by Facebook here

As Google Assistant becomes more popular, it will become a key customer support channel 

With an installed base of 1 billion, Google Assistant has the largest reach of any voice assistant on the planet.   While it’s  still a relatively new channel for customer service, about one-third of all smart speaker owners say they are interested in using their devices to contact customer service departments. We expect this to grow exponentially as companies like WestJet make convenient, hands-free support a core part of their offering and teach customers the value of AI-powered virtual assistance.

Try Juliet out!

Juliet can be accessed by downloading Google Assistant for free from any mobile device’s app store on both Android and Apple Devices, or on any Google Home speaker.

To learn more about how Netomi can help your company scale customer happiness with a travel chatbot or AI on Google Assistant and other channels, request a demo today.