6 Of The Best Automated Customer Service Use Cases (Updated February 2020)

Automated Customer Service: 6 Use Cases For How AI Works In CS Now

AI is transforming customer service, making it more convenient and personal by automating high-quality resolutions on consumers terms and empowering human agents to work smarter. The use cases for automated customer service seem endless, so we’ve pulled together the best opportunities for leveraging the power of artificial intelligence in customer service that we see today.

Here are the Best Automated Customer Service Use Cases Today

Use Cases for Customer Support on Autopilot

1. Automated Customer Service Responses to FAQs

Use AI to respond to the repeatable, and costly, issues that consumers ask about frequently such as return/exchange policies and processes. AI can also educate customers about complex services or products, like applying for a mortgage or comparing credit cards. We worked with Aflac to create an AI Agent to help educate people during the open-enrollment season, offering support during the often confusing process of deciding on health insurance.

2. Facilitate Routine Actions

AI can help facilitate routine actions like checking in for a WestJet flight, ordering your favorite Starbucks coffee or a Domino’s pizza. Bank of America is using AI to make everyday banking more pleasant: instead of a website search and navigation to various Web pages, a customer can check their balance, confirm due dates and pay bills via a natural language conversation with virtual assistant Erica. Artificial intelligence can also help inform customers about the shipping status of their eCommerce order.

3. Troubleshooting

If your company offers products or services that need troubleshooting, say a TV or refrigerator, you could use AI to help customers first identify the problem and offer the steps to remedy the issue. Depending on the deployment channel, rich video and images could be shared at optimal times to help customers more effectively help themselves. AI can also be used to proactively offer care advice. For instance, Nespresso uses AI to help customers descale their coffee machines using step-by-step tips delivered naturally via conversation.

Automated Customer Service Use Cases for Service Ops

4. Tag-team AI / Human Support

AI can gather key important information from a customer before bringing in a human agent, such as account number, current needs or details around the issue they are facing. AI can also be used for account verification, like confirming security questions or matching account numbers to birthdays. This will optimize the agent’s time, ultimately getting a customer’s issue resolved quicker.

5. Ticket Routing

Based on a customer’s need, profile and loyalty status (via integration with a CRM), an AI can route the ticket to the right agent based on their areas of expertise, real-time availability and the number of other open tickets they are currently managing. British supermarket Ocado, for example, uses AI to intelligently route its 10,000+ daily emails to the right agent taking into account the topic, sentiment and the priority needed for a response. This makes sure the frustrated customer who had an issue with their online order is treated differently than someone who is providing positive feedback on the website.

6. AI Recommended Replies to Agents

Once the ticket is in the right human hands, automated customer service can still help get tickets resolved quicker. AI can suggest replies or actions based on various contextual factors, the customer’s profile, information the AI gleaned from an earlier exchange to enable the human agent to easily select the best response or update the response if needed. Sprint, for instance, is launching AI in its call center to analyze a topic and recommend real-time solutions to agents in real-time.

AI is now a member of the workforce, enabling companies to meet customer expectations for high-quality, fast support. Working in tandem with human agents to deliver exceptional customer experience. AI today is best used in highly repeatable, simple scenarios, but in the future, AI will be able to manage more complex situations, playing an even greater role within an organization.

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Emily Cummins

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Emily has worked in the AI industry for many years. She loves researching and writing about evolving trends in AI in customer service. She graduated from the College of Charleston.