WestJet Brings Successful Netomi-Powered Virtual Agent, Juliet, to WhatsApp

Written by Shobhit Agrawal on Mar 5, 2020

The airline now provides immediate answers and customer service resolutions on the world’s most popular messaging platform

With two billion users worldwide, WhatsApp is the most preferred messaging platform. WestJet customers can now interact with the Netomi-powered virtual agent, Juliet, and receive instant, immediate resolutions to questions ranging from flight status, upgrades, baggage policies and more. The launch is part of the Canadian airline’s larger initiative to transform the guest experience with AI and digital innovation, which already includes AI customer support from Juliet on Facebook Messenger and Google Assistant

Juliet is powered by Netomi’s powerful AI customer service platform, which seamlessly integrates within Sprinklr, a customer experience management platform. Netomi’s AI works alongside human agents, resolving over 74% of tickets immediately without any human intervention. Human agents are empowered to spend all of their time on the more complex, sensitive customer needs. Now, no matter the issue, travelers are no longer kept waiting for the information they need prior, during and after a trip. 

“In the airline industry there is little differentiation between seats. Customer service is now a key way to secure reservations and build long-term loyalty. Today, good customer service is defined by convenience, effortlessness and immediacy. By bringing Juliet to one of the world’s most popular messaging platforms, over two billion people can get the information they need in between chats with friends and family. We’re setting the bar for what defines convenient support at a much higher altitude than we’ve ever seen,” said Netomi Founder / CEO, Puneet Mehta. 

With Juliet, the guest experience has has reached new heights  

Juliet initially launched on Messenger in October 2018. Ever since, Juliet has made a significant impact on the customer experience and customer service operations with these customer service KPIs:  

  • 24% increase in customer satisfaction (CSAT)
  • 74% of tickets are resolved by AI without human intervention 
  • 5X increase in capacity of the customer service team  
  • 96% improvement in response time  

Following the success on Messenger, WestJet brought Juliet to Google Assistant. With this launch, guests could receive support by simply speaking out loud. 

“We’re so incredibly proud to partner with WestJet to transform the airline’s customer service with AI.  The success of Juliet on other channels to date has been unrivaled – and we’re so excited to see the impact of Juliet’s five-star service on customer satisfaction and other key customer service metrics on this exciting new channel,” continued Mehta. 

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